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CAM-CNC/2000 system is 2D/3D CAM system for any NC machine tool. The CAM-CNC/2000 supports 2-axis lathes, mills and machining centers with up to 3 axes, and also supports all other types of NC and CNC machines, including wire EDMs punches, grinders, drills and routers. This Win-32 application with simple and flexible interface, high speed of NC-program calculation; advanced means of graphics designing, verification and debugging programmable tool path, and the core - the "Invariant Postprocessor", which extremely simplifies development and editing of the postprocessors by the technologist. The CAM-CNC/2000 is delivered together with free library of 300 ready postprocessors embracing practically all NC/CNC equipment used in Russia and CIS. The CAM-CNC/2000 accumulates unique 30-year experience of development and implementation of the line of compatible systems CAM-M32, CAM-IBM/360, CAM-PDP/11, CAM-IBM/PC in 500 enterprises of Russia and CIS.

The Universal Postprocessor APTIPP

The APTIPP permits to use the same library of 300 postprocessors for any of the following popular CAD-CAM systems - CATIA, Unigraphics, Duct, PowerMill, ProCAM, Pro/Engineer, CADDS, Euclid, Anvill-5000, Credo, CAD-Ufa, APT, BAPT, MODAPT.
The UNIVERSAL POST PROCESSOR generates the NC-program on basis of binary or text CL-files, generated by CAD-CAM systems.
The Universal Postprocessor will permit to stop purchasing both universal and tailor-made postprocessors from dealers of CAD-CAM systems, as it enables you to develop postprocessors by yourself, quickly and efficiently, and for any modern or even obsolete equipment.

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