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ФОБОС: погода в г.Пермь


Konstantin Filippovitch

Sibirskaya 61-6 Rerm Russia 614039
home (7)-3422-161-593
work (7)-3422-337-598

MCAD Application Programmer


       Innovative, results - oriented professional programmer with over 15 years of visible achievements at Russian MCAD R&D software industry. Strong and extensive qualification and experience in all aspects of research, development, coding, programming and testing; demonstration, teaching and consulting; installation and setup MCAD software, mainly own created APTIPP and CAM-CNC/2000 software.

       Solid background and keen in-depth understanding of CAM-system and Universal Post Processor, manufacturing processes, machine tools, NC/CNC manual programming, NC/CNC post processor creating, APT language and CL file structure, as well as over 15 years everyday C/C++ programming experience.

       Team based work style and excellent interpersonal/communication skills, ability to work hard and under pressure.


Part time Employment

Software Engineer,       June 1994 - Present
Eurasia Ltd, Perm, Russia

  • Developed a number of Win-32 applications - "NC-program 2D/3D graphical verification", "Post Processor Wizard", "Post Processor Debugger", "Post Processor Macro Level translator", "CL-files reader", "Graphical user interface (GUI)" as a part of CAM-CNC/2000 and Universal Post Processor APTIPP.

  • Designed and developed a company Web site in order to increase sales in Russia by 50% within year 2000.

  • Used software and languages: C++ Builder v.1.0-5.0, MS VS C++ v.4.0-6.0, MS FrontPage 2000 and 1st Page 2000 v.2.00 ; C/C++, HTML/DHTML.

Full Employment

Chief of Bank Automation Department,       April 1999 - Present
Ural Branch of JSB "Etalonbank", Perm, Russia

  • Designed and developed a part of automation bank software system.

  • Administered Company Lotus Notes Server and also maintained company TCP/IP networks.

  • Used software and languages: C++ Builder v.4.0 - v.5.0, Lotus Notes Server 5.02; C/C++.

Chief of Bank Automation Department,       June 1994-March 1999 Perm Branch of JSB "InkomBank", Perm, Russia

  • Designed and developed a part of automation bank software system.

  • Coordinated and actively participated in installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Nowell Netware v4.11, Windows 98, TCP/IP and X.25 networks and also maintained company networks wich included over 150 IBM PCs and 5 servers.

  • Used software and languages: Borland C v.5.0, C++ Builder v.1.0-3.0; C/C++;

Leader Programmer,       December 1992 - May 1994
Kardoks Ltd, Perm, Russia

  • Developed a "2D Graphical design of part contour and tool path" software module for CAM-CNC system based on IBM PC/MS-Dos platform.

  • Coordinated and actively participated in software research and development of APTIPP Universal Post Processor.

  • Developed (by Universal Post Processor), tested and modified NC Post Processor for complex machine tools on the base of macro language.

  • Lectured the APTIPP Universal Post Processor(begin, advanced and Expert level) and NC-Verification training course to the customers.

  • Used software and languages: Borland C v.3.0; C

Senior Programmer November,       October1990-December 1992
Joint Soviet-German Venture "Eurasia", Perm, Russia

  • Developed a "NC-program 2D/3D graphical verification", "Automated tool path generation", "Feedrate and Cutter compensation" software module for CAM-CNC system based on IBM PC/MS-Dos platform.

  • Created comprehensive guidebook and manuals for CAM-CNC software users.

  • Organized quarterly training course for CAM-CNC software systems users.

  • Supervized the team works of 10 software developers, testers, etc.

  • Achived highest sales record of the company, selling CAM-CNC system to 70 Russian shops in year 1991.

  • Used software and languages: MS C v.3.0 and Turbo C v.1.0 - 2.0; C

Middle Programmer,       December 1985-October 1990
Ural Branch of CSII MV, Russia, Perm

Middle Programmer,       September 1982- December 1985
Computer Centre of State Polytechnic Institute at Perm

State Polytechnic Institute at Perm, 1997-1982
Chair of Enterprise Computer-Aided Control and Managment
Master of Engineering Computer Systems

COMPUTER PROFICIENCY (Level of expertise and years of experience)

Main Languages:

C/C++(Expert,10 years), HTML4/JavaScript(Expert, 3 years)


Windows-2000/Me/98/95/3.1, MS-DOS, Nowell Netware 4.1/3.11

Development tools:

Borland C/C++ v.1.0-5.0(Expert,10 years), C++ Builder v.1.0-5.0 (Expert, 5 years), MS VS C++ v.6.0+MFC(Interm.,1 years)


Intel Platform


MS Office 2000, Lotus Notes 5.0, MS Outlook v.5, MS Explorer 5.0, MS Front Page 2000, 1st Page 2000 v.2.0, etc. (Expert, 2-3 years)

CAM systems:

CAM-CNC/2000, CAM-CNC, CAM-PDP/11(Expert, 15 years)

CAD/CAM systems:

Cimatron v.11, SurfCAM 2000 (Intermediate, 1 years)

Universal Post

IMSPost v.6.2, Gpost v.5.4.7, IntelliPost v.5.4 (Intermediate, 1 years)